Host (Adrian Dickson): Hello everyone welcome to this star chat with Byker Grove's Andrew Hayden-Smith. This is the place to find out everything about your favourite star. Now to ask a question all you need to do is to enter a nickname in the textbox below and get asking alright. We'll do our best to get through all the questions. Now if you've been affected by any of the issues in recent episodes of Byker Grove then you can call the BBC ActionLine. As I say I've got loads of questions and Andrew's here as well - Hello Andrew.

Andrew: Hello

Host: Are you alright?

Andrew: Yeah not bad.

Host: Are you ready for your grilling?

Andrew: I am. Bring it on.

Host: We've got the first question from Will in London who says What are you going to do now you're out of Byker Grove?

Andrew: Doing the same as I have been for a while, I think I'm going to stay at CBBC for a little bit longer because I'm enjoying it.

Host: Doing the afternoon programme.

Andrew: Uh huh.

Host: Sara says How did you get the part of Ben in Byker Grove many years ago?

Andrew: When I was 11 I went to be an extra in the background because I was quite a bit of a fan of the show. So I went along for the day and then the producer at the time said would you like to audition for a part. And I hadn't even acted before so it was a bit strange, but I did it and then about six months later I got it.

Host: Cool. How many years has it been now?

Andrew: I've lost count, about seven or eight years.

Host: Next question from Heartbroken. When did you decide to leave the show, or did they 'kill you off'?

Andrew: I asked if I could be killed off but I got a bit too old for the show obviously and I got a new job at CBBC so I couldn't really do both of them together.

Host: Was it hard keeping it a secret?

Andrew: Not really although I did leave one of my scripts on the train. I got told off for that.

Host: Peter next. He says what's been your favourite storyline since starting Byker all those years ago?

Andrew: Probably one of the love triangles or something, they're always quite good.

Host: You did a lot of them

Andrew: Yeah quite a few, yeah. Or this one, doing the stunts, they were good.

Host: Looks a bit painful that. Head injury..

Andrew: There was one where I had to hang on to the side of a car and I scraped my knees quite badly, that hurt a bit when I fell on the floor.

Host: Next one. Will you miss Byker Grove or will you still keep presenting CBBC?

Andrew: I will really miss it, I'll miss everyone but some of the cast are coming down to London a bit more, so I still see them. And I'm going up to Byker Grove on Thursday to do [present] CBBC from there.

Host: Do you have any plans to join another TV show?

Andrew: I would like to do something a bit older, probably.

Host: What kind of thing?

Andrew: A bit of acting, something a bit grittier a bit older. I dunno Hollyoaks kind of thing ish.

Host: Watch this space. Rob says Hi Andrew, would you ever consider being gunged by Dick and Dom?

Andrew: They've got me quite a few times actually, they've custard pie'd me and everything. But I think they need to get done yeah.

Host: Maybe give them a gunging.

Andrew: Yeah but they do actually quite a bit anyway.

Host: Next up Johanna says have you got a girlfriend?

Andrew: I haven't got a girlfriend. No, I haven't for a while.

Host: Any one in mind?

Andrew: No. I'm very single.

Host: Emily says do you enjoy doing the kissing scenes in Byker Grove? - I see where we're going now!

Andrew: No, they're a bit strange. It's alright if you've known the person for quite a while, but than can be bad as well because it's even more embarrassing if you're quite good friends with them. But you just make a joke of it and it's okay. You might have to do it a few times.

Host: Next up Amy says which do you prefer - acting or presenting?

Andrew: They're totally different. Doing the presenting, because it's live, you get a bigger buzz out of it. Doing Byker it's like a big happy family so I got on with everyone. I think I like them both the same, but they are totally different.

Host: How long does it maybe take to film an episode of Byker?

Andrew: In a day we shoot 5 minutes of what you see, so we do about an episode a week.

Host: Magic Matt says Did it feel weird watching yourself being killed off on TV?

Andrew: It was a bit strange. It was even stranger after getting all the texts and phone calls. That was a bit strange, yeah.

Host: Was it weird just watching yourself anyway?

Andrew: I stopped doing that a while ago! (laughs)

Host: Sophie Nolan next up says What is your favourite soap? Hollyoaks?

Andrew: Uh EastEnders.

Host: Do you watch it a lot?

Andrew: I try to.

Host: Big week at the moment.

Andrew: Yeah I know. Dirty Den.

Host: Next up Natalie says What was it like on your first day of Byker? Was it like your first day at school?

Andrew: I think it was even scarier because I didn't know anyone at all, and I was only like 12 years old, so I was quite shy, well really shy actually! But everyone was really nice and friendly and I got on with everyone okay.

Host: What was it like because there's been some big stars like Ant and Dec on Byker. Is it quite hard to fill their shoes?

Andrew: I don't think they were expecting me to or anything like that, but I'd like to be as successful as them.

Host: Next up Rachel says What would your ideal girl look like?

Andrew: Dark hair... erm .. dunno nice tan, nice smile, got a good sense of humour obviously.

Host: There you go Rach, there's your answer. Emily next - hello to you. Who will you miss most out of the Byker Grove cast members?

Andrew: I'll miss them but I'll still see them quite a bit, but probably Adam who plays Matt and Gary [Crawford] who plays Greg who left a while ago.

Host: Do you go home to the North East quite a lot?

Andrew: I try to go home once every three weeks to see them. And they come down quite a bit as well.

Host: Next Maria says Hi, I think you're well fit. How do you keep in shape?

Andrew: Oh my god. I don't go to the gym or anything. I dunno, probably jumping around with Angelica in the studio I think. (laughs)

Host: You had to run around quite a bit on Byker Grove over the years.

Andrew: Yeah - with my kit off which was quite embarrassing

Host: Next up Kristopher - Hi Andrew, would you ever shave your head?

Andrew: I don't think so.

Host: Keep the spikes?

Andrew: Yeah.

Host: Stacey - we were talking about Eastenders - would you ever think about doing a 'Dirty Den'? Hope you know what I mean.

Andrew: And coming back.

Host: And coming back.

Andrew: I dunno. see I mean.

Host: You've well and truly been killed off this time, or have you?

Andrew: Yeah I know. I dunno I'll have to see. We'll have talks about coming back as my twin brother or something! That would be strange!

Host: Next question's from Tara - Will you ever do panto?

Andrew: I have done panto in the past, it was a good laugh. I've done two - the first one was in Maidstone in Kent and the second one was in Halifax, Peter Pan. So it was good fun. The flying was a lot of fun but it hurt! I had a big harness under my costume and it was quite tight.

Host: What would be your favourite panto character?

Andrew: Dunno, that was a good laugh doing all the flying so Peter Pan probably.

Host: Loz says Do you ever pull a 'diva like' strop like celebs such as J.Lo? I can answer that one - yes.

Andrew: No I don't, not at all. Definitely not, I think Angelica would give me a smack if I did. (laughs)

Host: Next Jamie in Newcastle upon Tyne - You're a Geordie lad who has got a great TV job and you still act (if you aren't dead or being run over) All I wanna say is how did you get into acting?

Andrew: Just the way I got into Byker Grove really. I hadn't done any school plays or anything like that. I think I had done one actually, but I was only about 11 at the time and I hadn't even thought about it so it all came about by chance. I didn't go to drama school - I mean like none of the kids from Byker go to drama school or anything - they're all from normal schools.

Host: And what makes a great actor

Andrew: I dunno. I've got lots of favourite actors at the minute. Some on Byker want go to drama school. They want to be really serious actors, but I don't think I'll go down that route.

Host: Next question's from Orange. He says What's your favourite food?

Andrew: I eat far too many pizzas and Chinese takeaways, but it's being in London myself, my mum isn't there to cook for me anymore.

Host: Is your flat a mess then?

Andrew: It's alright actually, it's not too bad.

Host: Bubba next. Are you and Angelica dating?

Andrew: (laughs) No. A lot of people seem to think we are.

Host: We used to get that as well when we did the afternoon show together.

Andrew: I don't know why it is. I think it's because we have a good laugh and everyone just assumes we get on really well, which we do.

Host: We keep asking her out and she says "no"

Andrew: I know - she turns us down.

Host: Terry's next. He says What football team do you support?

Andrew: Newcastle United. I try to go and see them as much as I can.

Host: Next up Craig. Andrew you always wear good clothes. Do you choose your own style or do you have someone who picks it out for you?

Andrew: We do get a stylist but I don't normally wear what they give me, so I buy my own things.

Host: When you're acting do you ever have to wear things you really hate?

Andrew: I didn't like any of my costume this year on Byker Grove,it was a bit dodgy. There was a nasty leather jacket. I didn't like it.

Host: Next Chelsie asks Do you like Anne Robinson?

Andrew: She doesn't like kids' tv presenters, so no.

Host: Billy says If you were invisible for a day what would you do?

Andrew: Dunno. Probably go around my friends houses and find out what they say behind my back.

Host: Maybe go and watch them while they're watching Byker Grove?

Andrew: Yeah they're probably having a good laugh.

Host: Luke says What's the most disgusting thing you've ever had to eat?

Andrew: Um ... probably something I cooked. I'm not very good.

Host: Newcastle's NuttyTart says what's your favourite clothes shop?

Andrew: Favourite clothes shop is a shop in Kensington called Urban Outfitters.

Host: Next Becki asks What is the most embarrassing questions fans ask you?

Andrew: I don't know about embarrassing, but the one I don't like is 'five words to describe you' ... Don't ask me (laughs)

Host: Okay Good question. Next one we've got Tom who says Can you describe yourself in five words.

Andrew: Really? (laughs)

Host: No not really. Next Pazz says If you could go on a date with any famous girl, who would it be? Good one. What would you want to do on your ideal date?

Andrew: Christina Aguilera. I dunno we'd go dancing.

Host: Are you a good dancer though?

Andrew: I dunno

Host: She's a very good dancer.

Andrew: She is, she's very good.

Host: Lisa's next. What's your most embarrassing moment?

Andrew: Probably when I hadn't been at CBBC very long, and I'd just gone on doing live afternoons on BBC1, and Kate, who I was presenting with that day, her talkback went down that day so she couldn't do the link. I had to do it myself and I completely forgot the programme I was going into and everything and I had to fill for a while, and I had to just tell them to get their emails in, and I said 'let us know what you've been up to in over the summer holidays' when there was loads of snow behind me. So I lost the plot completely.

Host: And what's it like when you do embarrassing things like having to run down the street pretty much naked? Is that embarrassing with the rest of the cast of Byker Grove watching you do that?

Andrew: They all came in. Yeah it wasn't funny. They had a good laugh.

Host: Next Taryn says What kind of music are you into?

Andrew: Loads of different things. Just got Coldplay's album. Erm.. loads of things Sugababes - like a bit of pop, bit of rock, everything.

Host: Amzy's next says What's the weirdest thing a fan has ever given you?

Andrew: Strangest thing? I don't get anything too strange. I get some nice things like aftershave and things. That's all.

Host: Em's next. Did you have any nicknames when you were at school?

Andrew: Not when I was at school, but some of my friends call me fatty because I eat so much.

Host: What even now?

Andrew: Yeah

Host: What is the weirdest dream you've ever had?

Andrew: I have quite a lot of dreams. I dunno - I sometimes dream about falling. That's quite common though isn't it? Or being chased.

Host: Lauren says Have the cast of Byker Grove ever played a practical joke on you?

Andrew: Apart from like do kissing scenes when they eat something disgusting first, that's not nice.

Host: Next up Emma says What's the most romantic thing you've ever done for a girl?

Andrew: I dunno, just the usual, flowers and things probably. I'm not too good when it comes to things like that.

Host: Magic Matt says Have you ever dated anyone on the show in real life?

Andrew: Yeah, quite a few.

Host: Names?

Andrew: No I better not.

Host: Andy says What's the funniest face you can pull? He wants you to do it as well.

Andrew: I don't know. My sister used to do one to me, something like pull your eyes down and pull your nose up *pulls face* but I'm not good at things like that. I'm no Jim Carrey.

Host: Biscuit says Have you gone to any gigs recently, and if so where did you go?

Andrew: I don't think I have. Last time I went to see someone was Robbie Williams and that was quite a while ago.

Host: Was that in Knebworth?

Andrew: No it was in Newcastle Arena. I'm going to see Christina Aguilera soon.

Host: Kendra - Are you not going to be a singer?

Andrew: No, definitely not. I had to do karaoke on Byker Grove and I was rubbish.

Host: People from Neighbours and other tv dramas and in fact Byker Grove, people come along and done singles. Are you not tempted?

Andrew: I used to want to be in a boy band when I was like 16, but I don't know where that went.

Host: Not any more.

Andrew: No

Host: Happy with CBBC.

Andrew: Mmm.

Host: Kelly1 - What is your favourite cartoon?

Andrew: On CBBC?

Host: Any cartoon.

Andrew: I like Woody Woodpecker, Watch my Chops, Simpsons ...

Host: Chocoholic says Who is your best mate?

Andrew: My best mate is... erm .. I've got loads. Er okay I'll say my best mate is Gary Crawford, best girl mate would be Sophie.

Host: Next up Andrew_lover says Are you a ladies' man?

Andrew: Um, I dunno. I'm quite shy actually - if you don't know me. But then once I get to know you, I'm alright.

Host: Stephanie ... they're all very interested in your love life, Andrew. Stephanie says How long have you been single for?

Andrew: About a year I think.

Host: A year?

Andrew: Uh huh.

Host: A long time. So what would a girl have to do to impress you?

Andrew: I dunno. Not be too loud. I get quite scared if they're a bit too in your face. Nice smile like I said.

Host: And not come up to you and go "you're Ben from Byker Grove!"

Andrew: Yeah that's a bit freaky.

Host: Vicky says Do you have any weird habits?

Andrew: Not really. If the curtains are open a little bit and I'm lying in bed, that really annoys me so I have to go and shut them.

Host: Cheese777 good name, says What's your favourite film?

Andrew: I've got loads. I like Fight Club ...erm ... I've got absolutely loads of favourite films. I can't think of any more - last one I watched was The Rules Of Attraction, that was quite good.

Host: Scouseygurl18 says What's your favourite colour?

Andrew: Blue - pretty boring.

Host: Jack says Have you got any tips on acting for young actors like me?

Andrew: If you're not at drama school, then you could get involved in that. I didn't go there. Or just write to shows, send them a photo, and all the information. Things like that.

Host: Next question says What do you want to do when you retire?

Andrew: I got asked to fill in a pension plan form the other day and the back of it scared me a bit. What do I want to do? Dunno, move to the country and just live in peace probably.

Host: Chill out. Have a few parties?

Andrew: Yeah a few parties.

Host: Lee says Have you got a pet?

Andrew: I've got a cat.

Host: What's it called?

Andrew: Tessa.

Host: Lucy says Do you like any gross food?

Andrew: Gross food? Not really, nah don't think so.

Host: Angelblu says Do you like to stay in on a Friday night, or are you mostly out and about?

Andrew: I'm normally out and about yeah. I do like a night in though, with mates just watching DVDs and stuff. But I'm normally out.

Host: And what do you like doing going out - like pubs and clubs, things like that, or staying down and partying

Andrew: Going out.

Host: Next one Louise says Why did you get into children's TV?

Andrew: CBBC came about because I was a guest one day because of Byker and then it got round that I fancied giving presenting a go. So it was all by chance again. I think I went for a chat about it with the boss and then I started about four days later.

Host: Okay cool. That was good then.

Andrew: Yeah.

Host: Next one Jodie says Do you go to celebrity parties a lot?

Andrew: I don't get invited. (laughs) No, I go to as many as I can.

Host: What's it like at celebrity parties?

Andrew: It's not like everyone knows each other or anything like that, is it? But you go to more than me!

Host: Do you have a lot of celebrity friends and stuff?

Andrew: Not really. No, down to earth me.

Host: Just us lot. Next up Rebecca says Did you know that you look like Leonardo DiCaprio?

Andrew: My Mum used to say that to me when I was younger but she doesn't think I do any more because he's got a bit fat. That's what she said.

Host: Okay you're going the same way if you eat those pizzas.

Andrew: (laughs)

Host: BadBwoy says What part of Newcastle are you from?

Andrew: I'm not from Newcastle I'm from County Durham.

Host: Can you explain where that is for people who don't know.

Andrew: It's in between Sunderland and Newcastle, it's a little bit further down.

Host: Chloe4Eva - I think you answered this - the last CD you bought. Coldplay yeah?

Andrew: I don't think it was. What was it? I can't remember, I've a hopeless memory. Oh it was Jamelia! - Superstar yeah.

Host: Jess says Do you like Chinese or Indian food best?

Andrew: Chinese, yeah. Crispy duck.

Host: Nikki says Whose cooking do you prefer your Mum's or do you like cooking yourself?

Andrew: My mums definitely, yeah. I always burn things.

Host: And when you go back home do you like have a big Sunday roast?

Andrew: Yeah sure if there's one for me.

Host: Do you take your washing back as well.

Andrew: No I'm quite good at that. I do all my washing and ironing. She made me when I was 14. From 14.

Host: You should have done a bit more cooking.

Andrew: Yeah I know.

Host: Piscesgurl says Who's the most famous person you know?

Andrew: That I know or have met?

Host: That you know.

Andrew: Ant and Dec probably.

Host: And who's the most famous person you've met?

Andrew: Just because she's American and everything, probably Maya.

Host: Okay cool. Grace says Do you pick your nose?

Andrew: I don't actually, no.

Host: No? Never tempted?

Andrew: No.

Host: Laura says Who did you most admire when you were young?

Andrew: When I used to watch Byker Grove, I used to think PJ was really cool. He got blinded. I thought he was quite cool and used to want to be his character.

Host: Okay Nikki. So you always wanted to go into Byker Grove - which is pretty cool. Nikki says Do you prefer soaps or movies?

Andrew: Movies.

Host: I_love_Andrew_Hayden-Smith says What do you like watching on TV?

Andrew: 'Friends', big Friends fan, got all the DVDs. What else do I like? Simpsons, Teachers quite cool ...

Host: Bianca says Do you ever get embarrassed interviewing celebs?

Andrew: No I'm alright actually. When I first joined and I first started chatting to people that was a bit intimidating. Atomic Kitten scared me a bit. They're a bit rowdy.

Host: Did you have a favourite on this year's Fame Academy? I loved Peter, says LukeAshtonRules.

Andrew: I used to like Peter but he went a bit mad didn't he? Then I started going off him. I thought Paris would win, but he's going to have an album ain't he, anyway. But then in the final three I wanted Alex to win.

Host: Robin says How tall are you?

Andrew: About 5' 8" I think ish, quite small.

Host: Helen1 says Do you get on with the twins in real life?

Andrew: Yeah, they're a good laugh. When they started they were only about 13 or something and I was a few years older so they look up to me a bit. They come to me for advice sometimes.

Host: Is there any one you don't get on with?

Andrew: Not at all, no. Everyone gets on really well.

Host: Next we've got a question it says How long do you spend on your hair every day?

Andrew: Not as long as everyone thinks. I always get emails about this. Not as long - erm about 5 minutes.

Host: 5 minutes?

Andrew: Is that long?

Host: That's not long. That was from Alicia. ABi says What do you want for Christmas?

Andrew: I dunno. I quite fancy a laptop actually.

Host: Yeah, you can have this one. Natalie says Do you ever wanna get married and have children?

Andrew: I dunno, I'm only 19 so it's quite a long way away I think.

Host: You've not met anyone yet who's made you think ..?

Andrew: No.

Host: Angelblu says What do you think when all the girls scream at you because they think you're so buff?

Andrew: I don't really get it that much, to be honest. It's very flattering but I just normally get embarrassed.

Host: Get embarrassed and try and run off?

Andrew: I've been chased through McDonalds a few times.

Host: You've been chased through McDonalds? If it's the same, don't eat at McDonalds that's what it is. Anne says Was it exciting filming the episode when you were hit by Craig in the car?

Andrew: Yeah, it was great. The guy who did the stunt was a guy from the film 'The Beach'. It was quite cool watching him sort it all out. It was good day, it was a long day, but it was quite hard work.

Host: What bits were you and what bits were the stunt guy?

Andrew: I tried to do as much as I could but obviously the big one was when he went up in the air. But like there was one where the stunt guy had to throw me out of the way of the car because it got so close and it did nearly hit me actually.

Host: Really?

Andrew: Yeah.

Host: Could have been a real event then. Sara says When's your birthday?

Andrew: 5th November.

Host: Coming soon guys. Amzy says When was the last time you cried?

Andrew: Err I can't remember. Probably, dunno, when I had a fight with my mum or something.

Host: iloveyouandrew says Where do you go to relax?

Andrew: I need a holiday actually. Apart from going abroad, nice beach or something, then just at home or at my friend's house.

Host: Debi is asking a personal question here. What is your favourite fragrance?

Andrew: Aqua Di Gio or Jean Paul.

Host: Okay. Em says Do you get told you are buff a lot?

Andrew: Not really, no.

Host: You must have. For a half hour you've been told that. Clare says Where would we usually find you on a Saturday night?

Andrew: Dunno, I go all over the place.

Host: And if you could go out with anyone, who would it be? Like your ideal night out?

Andrew: What celebs, for a big night out? Dunno, I dunno. Err come back to that one.

Host: Nadia says Who's your favourite actor?

Andrew: Favourite actor. Erm it used to be like Robert De Niro or Al Pacino but - Colin Farrell was cool in 'Phone Booth'. I really liked that.

Host: And what kind of things do you like to act in? Do you have a particular form you would like to act in? Police dramas or medical dramas or anything like that?

Host: I'd like to do a film actually, that would be a laugh yeah. Not a comedy, something a bit gritty that you can get your teeth into.

Host: Okay. Have you got any plans to go to Hollywood?

Andrew: Not yet, no. (laughs)

Host: Nats says What's the juiciest gossip that you know? Come on Andrew. Spill it.

Andrew: I'm quite a bit of a gossip actually, but I'm so forgetful. Erm I'll just have to have a think about that one .. I do get some good ones though.

Host: Sam says What is your favourite beach? Mine's Bournemouth.

Andrew: Beach? I'd have to say somewhere up north cos all my friends are there. You can't beat fish and chips when you're walking along the beach.

Host: Okay nice one. Hayley says Have you ever been abseiling?

Andrew: I have yeah, when I was about 10, with school.

Host: Did you. Was it scary?

Andrew: It was alright, I enjoyed it.

Host: Where did you go?

Andrew: It was a a laugh. It was a place ... what was it called? I can't remember. I think it was a place called Clennell Hall. We went there to film Byker as well.

Host: Is there anything when you've been acting that you've said 'I can't do that it's too scary' or too dangerous?

Andrew: The only thing I've been really nervous about doing was doing the karaoke.

Host: Was it?

Andrew: Yeah. Everything else was fine, even the kisses and stuff just doesn't bother me.

Host: You weren't tempted to get someone to maybe dub your voice over when you did the karaoke?

Andrew: Yeah I did say that but they wouldn't let me.

Host: Jackie says Do you play football?

Andrew: Sometimes, yeah. I used to play a lot more before I started Byker because like I was on the school football team and things like that. But then I just didn't have time for it so. But I still enjoy playing.

Host: Do you do any sports at the moment?

Andrew: I dunno. I like swimming. Whatever.

Host: Yeah okay cool. Next up If you could present any CBBC show, what would you do?

Andrew: Any CBBC show? I'm quite liking 'Bring It On' at the minute, but that's not really got a presenter in it. Everyone just seems to fall out, don't they?

Host: Yeah they do.

Andrew: Dick and Dom did, and then Jake and Barney had an argument the other day.

Host: And what would be your challenge on that?

Andrew: I dunno. Jake and Barney's was pretty tough.

Host: Being a waiter.

Andrew: That was quite scary at the Ritz, yeah. I dunno err you've got quite a cool job doing the Top 40 - that would be good. I'd like to do a music show, yeah.

Host: Okay I better watch my back hadn't I? Maddy says What's the most exotic place you have ever been?

Andrew: Exotic? Byker in Newcastle. I dunno, I've been all over the place. I like Greece. I really like Greece, getting a tan.

Host: And are you going away?

Andrew: Yeah. I'm hopefully going away with some friends to Marbella - that'll be nice.

Host: Just got time for a couple more questions, Andrew, if you're okay with that. Who would be your favourite actor. We've kind of done that, haven't we, before.

Andrew: Yeah. I'll say Colin Farrell.

Host: Let's see if we've got any more questions here? Michelle says Why is it that no one likes you on Byker?

Andrew: Er I dunno. I think Ben kind of went good towards the end. Just as he sorted himself out he gets hit by the car. But no, he's a bit moody isn't he? Doesn't smile very much.

Host: And finally .... When you're working on Byker Grove do you have to get up really early to film? And were you there all day?

Andrew: Yeah. It's like sometimes your call time is 6am, and then you would go on set for about 8am. Or you can be in like two scenes that day. So you can be in the first one and then be in the last one. So you've got to be on standby for the whole day.

Host: Okay brilliant. Well you've been brilliant over the last half hour.

Andrew: Thank you.

Host: Thank you for all your questions as well.

Andrew: Thank you very much.

Host: Thanks Andrew. And we'll see you again soon for another 'Star Chat'. See you.