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Barney Harwood answers questions from CBBC viewers (see transcript below)

Part 1 - - Presenting, beginnings, fave presenters.

This is a good question. It's from Bailey who's from Tyne & Wear. He says "Do you enjoy being a CBBC presenter?" Well it's quite hard you see. I was sat in my mansion in Spain last week and er I was thinking about this just as the Ferrari pulled up - my butler brought it in - and he was saying you know your car's ready for you, Barney. I was going "thanks mate" you know and I was just thinking what it would be like to be a big superstar like that. But then, as it happens, the swimming pool broke down and I had to get in two gold-encrusted plumbers to sort it out for me. So it's a very difficult question to answer.

"How did I get into presenting?" Well let me think. It started off a long long time ago. It was a cold summery night .. in fact you haven't got half an hour to listen to it, but basically I just went to loads of auditions and then eventually somebody said "hey look at 'im from North, he's dead good-looking 'im, we'll 'av 'im." And I got signed.

This is a nice question - it's from GK. "Who do you like working with the most?" Well it's a very difficult question because everyone here is gorgeous, but again you don't want me to say that you want me to say the nitty-gritties that you can point out and say that I like somebody the best. So I'm gonna say Sophie. I think Sophie is a top lass and I think she's gorgeous as well - but don't tell her that.

Part 2 - Hanging out, fave programmes and Taz.

Nice question from a Liverpool fan: "Do you ever hang out with any of the presenters outside of work?" Er yeah, all of them, every single one of 'em. I can't get rid of 'em - it's a nightmare. Sophie's always round for barbecues. I did a Sunday roast last week, right, and Sophie ate all my Yorkshire puddings - I couldn't believe it. I made five as well, two for me and three for... well actually I made five for me but she nicked 'em all. Yeah so we hang out with each other all the time.

Steven says "What's your favourite CBBC show?" Dead easy, Taz-Mania without a doubt. Anybody who can eat that amount of food and get away with it. And he doesn't even have any wind problems. I would expect Taz to have a serious wind problem with the amount of stuff that he eats. My grandma says that if you eat beans too fast you get indigestion. Taz can eat fridges and big forklift trucks and doesn't get a stitch of bother, so yeah he's my hero for that.

Jack says "Which cartoon character would you most like to be?" Dead easy - the Tasmanian Devil without a doubt cos he can run dead fast which means he can always get out of trouble and he's kinda cute as well which I suppose, you know if I sort of grew a bit of stubble and a few whiskers and spike my hair up a little bit... Oh wait - that is what I look like - yeah Taz.

Now Jake wants to know who would be my ideal girlfriend. There are so many fish in the sea as they say. Well I suppose I've got to narrow it down to about thirty girls really. Have you got time to listen? Ok then let's go. Er, Kylie Minogue, definitely ..Hey, and I tell you - Delta Goodrem - she is gorgeous. Yeah in fact I'm changing my answer: Delta Goodrem she would be my ideal girlfriend.

Part 3 - Luxury items, famous mates and Tom Jones.

Mariela and Amy want to know what three items I would want if I was stuck in a CBBC studio for a week. Ok then, well I would have a Delta Goodrem. I would have a Delta Goodrem and I would probably have a Delta Goodrem as well because, you know, I think three of those would be quite good and it would keep me entertained for quite a bit. She's into music as well and I'm a big music fan so I suppose that would go down very well.

Pippa wants to know who's the most famous person I've ever met. That's quite a toughie cos I've met quite a few famous people. I've met Gordon the Gopher. I've met Jake Humphrey from CBBC. Erm I suppose the most famous person I've met is Tom Jones. Erm basically he's not a very.. see thing is people think that he's a nice guy. Well he is, but he glared at me in one of his concerts for about an hour and a half, right he glared at me. He does not like you joining in.

Well this person has called herself "I Love CBBC." And the question is: "if you could change anything about yourself what would it be?" That's quite a good one. It would be my feet. I think my feet are too small - when I say small I think they're too short they should be a lot longer cos I like swimming and my feet are too small to paddle with. So if I could, I would have feet that were about four foot long and shaped like fins so that I could swim fast.

Right, Alex wants to know do I have any annoying habits and if any other presenters have any. Well I don't have any annoying habits. Me never. But the presenters - loads right Kate bites her nails, Sophie chews her bottom lip and doesn't stop doing it and makes a funny squawking noise when she eats curry. Jake has got an annoying habit of picking his feet and he leaves all the dead skin on the seats and Holly Willoughby right - that girl has the most annoying habit ever. And it's going to drive you insane now because I'm not going to tell you what it is.

A Justin fan wants to know what kind of music I buy. Well I like everything really. I like Justin Timberlake, which is quite ironic. I'm a big fan of Michael Jackson. I also like Elvis Presley and I like that girl who sang the Titanic song - what was she called - Celine Dion - She's quite good, she's got a nice voice but she's a bit boring now - she does rubbish music. So anything that's in the charts really I like it so long as it's bouncy, poppy and you know that kind of thing I like that.