Email to Richard Deverell dated 30th January 2007

Dear Richard,

Thanks again for your reply last week.

At the end of your email you said that we would have to agree to differ, but I don't think that you understood my argument for covering these issues, so I will try again....

When you implied that a "civil partnership" is a "sexual issue," the suggestion is unwittingly quite offensive to gay people. Surely a civil partnership is no more a "sexual issue" than a marriage - something you have no problem in covering. If marriages are relevant to primary school children, why aren't civil partnerships also relevant?

In fact the whole idea that gay and lesbian people could in any way lead to the "premature sexualisation of children" is itself quite offensive. What about primary school children brought up by gay or lesbian parents, are they in greater danger of "sexualisation" than other children? And by the BBC continuing to discriminate, those children are treated as second class, and the BBC is not being fair to its audience.

Children who hear about lgbt people and issues will just become more tolerant of difference, and that can only be a good thing. I hope you will reconsider your present discrimination policy because it is quite harmful in many ways. A policy of non-discrimination and diversity can only be beneficial to children.

Kind regards,